Canada Study Visa: Fulfill Your Dreams

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Let’s first learn why study in Canada is a great opportunity?
Occupying the northern half of the North American continent, Canada is known for its natural beauty. Canada has lots of forests, lakes, and mountains. The country has official bilingual status, with English and French used concurrently in government and official documents.

It’s also known for its sparse population despite being the world’s second-largest country; it has a population smaller than that of just one US state, California and for its harsh winters.

In some parts of Canada, snow covers the ground for almost half the year – but you’re unlikely to find any Canadian universities in those regions.

According to United Nation report, Canada is one of the best places for education, income and quality of life.


Reasons why students want to study in Canada:

1.Quality Education

Canada is known for its quality education and competitive entry requirement. According to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Canada spends more per capita on its education system rather than any other country. Any degree or diploma from Canadian university got word wide reorganization. People who graduate from Canadian Institutes live the successful life.

2. Cost Effective

Canadian university and colleges charge lower tuition fee from the foreign student than other countries at the same time and provide quality education.

3. PR and Immigration

Canadian government offers a foreign student to apply for PR which takes 15 to 18 months while living in Canada. However, they need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria of 67 points. A person who is a Canadian Permanent Resident may apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years.

4. Working Schedule

Foreign students in Canada allowed for work 20 hours part-time on-campus during the first 6 months of their study program and off-campus part-time after study. Further students on the completion of their program of 1 year can work up to 1 year and students applying for 2 years program can work for 2-3 years.

Living in Canada

Living in abroad has become easier and comfortable in countries like Canada which welcome employees and students from other countries.

Canada’s foreign policy has pleased many people globally allowing everyone to grow and help in building their nation. It is not an exaggeration that, yearly hundreds and thousands of students visit Canada to pursue higher education.

Getting a Visa from this North American country has become easier than the United States alone. Additionally, the climate in Canada is very pleasant throughout the year with many places of Natural resources. This made Canada a place of destiny for nature lovers and for those who want to learn and
earn simultaneously with better standards.

Canada has become almost a synonym for education for the encouragement its government has given for foreign students. Also, one of the best tourist places in the world attracts students across the globe to study in such an attractive country.

Education in Canada:

More than obtaining, jobs studying in Canada has become frequent these days and there are many Canadian universities, coming forward to provide admission. There are minimal requirements for obtaining Canada Study Visa which is easier for anyone to get eligible for applying for a visa and fly to
Canada to studying.

Canada is the home of a rich educational atmosphere where English and French are the main languages in the government and official places. There are around 21 reputed Universities which offer quality education for students across many subject streams of all branches.

Education-Friendly Country:

One more reason for students prefer more towards education is due to its, reliable structure of function in providing quality education.

As per OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Canada’s per capita income of the country is spent more on education than any field. Canada had also the reputation of producing renowned people who succeeded in their lives after getting graduation from there.

The Tuition fee is comparatively low from other universities in the world which offer education of similar standards. It takes around 15 to 18 months for anyone to apply for PR after meeting the needed eligibility criteria.

The working schedule to earn money while studying is also flexible and allows some breathing space to the foreign students. The students are allowed to work for 20 hours part-time while on-campus during the period of the first 6 months and then. There were also allowed for off-campus part-time earning after their study.

Foreign students applying for the 1-year program has one year of work-permit and students with 2-3 years program can apply for 2 years of work-permit. Recently Canada has revised Study Direct Stream (SDS) for the convenience of the foreign students to obtain a study visa. As per this, it takes very less time to process Visa and also less financial documentation.

If you are an Indian, then studying in Canada is more like going away from home to another home. Because of the widely spread Indians across the North American country, many of the Indian students prefer Canada as the most reliable and cost-effective way.

Requirements for Canada Study Visa:

A student must follow basic Canada Study Visa Requirements to fulfill the eligibilities and qualify for the process of Visa. The basic requirements are a very recent Passport size photographs, Scholarship letter, Academic credentials, Test scores, financial documents, Medical reports and work experience if applicable. The list if requirements for Visa depend upon the educational background and experience of the student. The living conditions are friendly for foreigners and mainly the climatic conditions are suitable for anyone to survive.

The Canada Study Visa Requirements after 10+2 and Canada Study Visa Requirements after graduation for the foreign students are available separately.

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List of Universities – Canada

  • • University of Toronto
  • • University of Alberta
  • • University of Calgary
  • • University of Waterloo
  • • University of British Columbia
  • • Simon Fraser University
  • • York University
  • • University of Fraser Valley
  • • Vancouver Island University
  • • Algonquin College
  • • Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • • Douglas College
  • • Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • • George Brown College
  • • Georgian College of Arts & Technology
  • • Grant Mac Ewan University
  • • Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  • • Niagara College
  • • Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
  • • Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  • • Vancouver Community College


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