SDS Canada


SDS Canada – A new Study Visa Program For the Indian Students

That’s a great news…!

The much-awaited announcement was made by the Justin Trudeau government. The Trudeau’s Canadian government has made some important changes by shortening the student visa processing time. This change allowed a number of international students to study in a post-secondary Canadian institution.

From the month of June 2018, The Student Partnership Program (SPP) is replaced with another interesting and advantageous program namely the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program, not only in India but also other existing student programs for aspiring students in Philippines, China, and Vietnam.

Let’s look into some advantages of the SDS Canada program, and get more insight into the process:

The two main advantages are:

  1. Less Financial documentation.
  2. Faster visa processing

Some advantages of studying in Canada:

  1. Canada has some of the world Class institutions at Lower and most affordable cost.
  2. There is a safe and healthy environment for the students.
  3. The aspirants are eligible for the post-graduate work permit and have an opportunity to apply for PR in Canada.
  4. The added advantage is the students can work while they study.
    Eligibility for SDS Canada Program:
  5. The IELTS score must have the minimum band of 6 for each ability, namely Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking (taken within the past 2 years)
  6. The students must Purchase Special Guaranteed Investment Certificate from Scotiabank (Canadian Dollars 10,000) to Cover Expenses for the study and stay in Canada (for the first year)
  7. Proof of payment towards the tuition fee for one year.
  8. Medical examination before one week of submission of application.
  9. The main eligibility is admission to a full-time program in universities, colleges, CEGEP i.e. Publicly-funded Post secondary institutes in Canada.

All these changes are open to the aspiring students going to any Institutions in Canada(This includes both the publicly funded and private institutions). Unlike the existing program in India, which restricts the international students to study at near to only 40 PSI institutes in Canada
The SDS offers more opportunities to the students with high caliber and who has got potential to get a PR for Canada.

Do you want to know more?

There are many institutions which give advice on how to pursue their education in Canada. STUDYKRAFT helps all such aspirants to get the best score and to be placed in a good institution.

Why only study in Canada?

Unlike the US, Canada is a much better place for students due to following reasons:

  1. Education: Canada spends more per capita income than any other country in the world to get the best education for the students. Thus, any degree or diploma from a Canadian university is recognized worldwide.
  2. Cost: Lower tuition fees for foreign students when compared to other countries is always an add-on. And again, there is no compromise on the quality of education provided too.
  3. Work: Foreign students can work for 20 hours a week as part-time, and can work even after the course for one or two years depending on the course.
  4. Permanent Residential: The government will allow the students to apply for a PR which may take 16 to 18 months, they just need to meet the eligibility of 67 points. And a Person with Canadian PR can apply for citizenship after 3 years.

Something more……

According to Nadir Patel, Canadian High Commissioner to India.

Most of the Indian students prefer Canada as the destination for their International studies. Canada provides welcoming environment along with world-class education in the safe premises of the university. And yes the lower cost is an add-on.

The expected processing time for SDS study permit application is always less than 45 days. The new SDS Canada will give chance to the aspirants, to go Faster will more streamline visa application process.

When you are clear about all the visa processing needed to fulfill your dream “CANADA”. All you need to do is prepare for IELTS and get the best score. Remember that you have 2 chances to attempt, but don’t waste your time and try getting a good score in the first attempt itself.

There are many institutions and apps which will give a lot of information and sample test papers. Make use of technology to prepare well for the IELTS. But technology alone cannot help you reach your goal find a good institute which can give you all the advice related to your Study Visa and IELTS.

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